Preparing Students for College Musical Theatre Auditions

Last week I wrote a post for students about finding the best school for them. A lot of questions arose from voice teachers wanting to know more about the process. This post addresses many of those questions. It is a long read, but I tried to shed some light on what I think are some of the most misunderstood aspects of this process. I hope students and parents will take away valuable advice from this as well. ~ Matt

Matt Edwards

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In addition to this blog, I also run, a site full of resources for prospective musical theatre majors. Last week I posted an article about the best school for musical theatre (spoiler alert: its the one that is best for you). It was posted on a Facebook voice teachers group and a lot of great conversation points came up. This article is in response to those conversations and will hopefully bring a little more clarity about the process for those of you who work with students interested in pursuing a BFA, BA, or BM in MT.

BFA, BA, or BM???

There are three types of degrees in musical theatre. The BFA and BA are usually housed in the theatre department, while the BM is usually in the music department. The lines are pretty blurry anymore. It used to be that BM programs had more theory…

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