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Tonight I did a Facebook Live Q&A with Mike Elson over at about the college audition process. Here is a list of resources that complement the video. Be sure to follow the Facebook page to gain access to weekly videos about singing and teaching singing. We will be having more MT college search related posts in the coming weeks. ~ Matt

List of all MT programs in the United States by program type


Audition Dos and Don’ts

Putting Together a Resume

How to find audition songs


I Got In

Before I Got In

Before the College Audition

Mastering College Musical Theatre Auditions

The Ultimate Musical Theatre College Audition Guide

The College Audition Process: A Survival Guide

Online Resources

Musical Theatre Song Database

Musical Theatre Resources (website)

Playbill Education

New Musical Theatre

Audition Opportunities

Unifieds – audition for 26+ schools in one location (NOTE: Many schools hold their own auditions outside of the Unifieds umbrella in the same cities on the same weekends)

Southeastern Theatre Conference Undergraduate Auditions


Matt Edwards is an Associate Professor of Voice/Coordinator of Musical Theatre Voice at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, VA, and Artistic Director of the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute. He is the author of “So You Want to Sing Rock ‘N Roll” and dozens of articles and book chapters on functional voice training for non-classical styles. For more information visit 


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