Career Links

These are great resources as you become a professional. If you are serious about being a part of this business, visit these links now and get an idea of what is involved with being a professional. Remember the more prepared you, the better your chance for success.

Online Music Courses – article discussing the online versus traditional music training

Non-Equity Deputy – Information about summer stock production companies (entry level jobs) – News about the business Job Listings – A great FREE job listing site

Equity – The union for theatre professionals

Reproductions – When you’re a professional you will need 100’s of head shots.  This is the place to get them printed.

Broadway World – News, tickets, and more.

South Eastern Theatre Conference – The SETCs provide an audition opportunity for college students as well as a chance for high school seniors to be seen by numerous universities at one location.

Unified Theatre Auditions – The Unifieds allow students to travel to one city and audition for 20-30 schools in one weekend.

Musical Theatre Talk – a great online radio show featuring interviews with pros in the business.

LORT Theatre Listings – links to regional theatre members of LORT.

For lessons or a one-on-one consultation in the Winchester, VA area, visit our teaching site.  Skype sessions are also available.