Vocal Performance

UPDATE: There are many more schools than are listed below. Sadly I do not have the time to keep up with this part of the site. Luckily, Classical Singer magazine has a great list of over 1,000 schools with voice-related degrees. You can check it out here.

Vocal Performance

Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory
Boston Conservatory
Brigham Young University
Cleveland Institute of Music
Florida State University
Georgia State University
Hartt School of Music
Indiana University
James Madison University
Louisiana State University
New England Conservatory
Northwestern University
Oberlin Conservatory
Oklahoma City University
Peabody Conservatory
San Francisco Conservatory
Shenandoah Conservatory
Shorter College
Simpson College
SUNY Purchase
Temple University
The Ohio State University
University of Houston
University of Michigan
University of Misouri Kansas City
Westminster Choir College


  1. Hi, just read my first article, and what a great one regarding the operatic career.

    Question on the listing of vocal performance schools – where is New England Conservatory?

    Thanks, John

    1. There are over 400 schools offering degrees in Vocal Performance. The schools listed are some of the most common “household names” in classical voice. There are many other great teachers out there though and you should definitely look beyond the list I have posted.


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