Your Resume

The resume is an important part of your college application.  Most of the time the faculty who are auditioning you never see your actual application, essay, or cover letter.  The only documents are often your headshot and resume.  What you put on your resume helps fill in the missing bits of information we don’t get from your audition.  You absolutely need to be completely honest when you put together your resume.  You would be surprise the random people many of us know.  If we know them and we like you, we’re likely to email or call them.  The worst possible situation is where you give us the name of someone who doesn’t know you and we call them.  That will 9 times out of 10 be the end of the road for your application.  Don’t be afraid if your resume is sparse.  We know that you are young and don’t expect you to have a stellar resume.  If you walk in the door, sing, act, and dance like a Broadway star and have only choir credits on your resume its OK.  We will more than likely be blown away and ask you questions which is exactly what you want – You want us to be interested enough to take time to talk with you.

Your resume should include the following information:

Name, Email, Telephone, Website, Height (Don’t exaggerate for all you know we’re dying to find someone your exact height), Weight (you can usually get away with listing the weight you look.  For instance if you’re really muscular and actually weigh 140 but look 125, you can call it 125.  Be reasonable though, we can tell when you’re lying), Hair, Eyes, and Voice Type.  This information should all be at the top.

In the next section list your theatre experience.  List Show, Role, Company (if its a famous director i.e. Broadway or Tony winning theatre, or if its an alumni of the school you’re auditioning for, you can list it, otherwise don’t include directors).  If you’re short on theatre experience, you can add choral or dance experience.

In the next section list Training.  Voice, Acting, Dance, Workshop.

And for the final section list Special Skills.  These include useful skills like piano, guitar, violin, martial arts, as well as fun conversation starters such as Bart Simpson Voice, Great Carrol Channing, or Air Guitar Pro.

Click the link below to view a sample resume layout for inspiration. This is a rather standard format, so feel free to copy the format exactly and change the information to your own. Remember:  Keep it clean, keep it short (no more than one page), and most importantly DO NOT LIE.

Sample Resume


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