The Thank You Note!

Its the height of audition season and if you’ve been auditioning, its time to get caught up on your thank you notes.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Then keep reading.

Thank you notes are a great way of reminding the audition panel about your audition.  The notes need not be complex, in fact you are better off keeping it short.  If possible, a hand written card is better than an email, however, an email is better than nothing at all.  Try to include the following:

  • When you auditioned
  • A special comment about anyone who specifically helped you
  • Something you especially liked
  • And if its true, a comment that the school is your first choice or at the top of your list.

To help you craft your own, I’ve posted an example below.  Feel free to copy any part of it you wish.

Dear Professor Smith,

Thank you for a great audition experience on January 15th.  Janice in admissions was especially helpful in guiding us through the details of the application process and left my family and me with a great impression of XYZ University.  I really appreciate the adjustments you offered for my song and I have already began the process of finding a new monologue as you suggested.  After my audition experience, XYZ University has risen to the top of my list and is definitely my first choice.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Samuel Student


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