GUEST POST BY AVI ASULEEN: Raising Your Standards

Great post that applies to performers of all levels.


The Green Room

Please welcome today’s guest poster to the  blog — Avi Asuleen!

Avi is a choreographer, director, and performer in New York, who’s graciously shared some of her insight with us today. Check out her own blog called The Strategic Artist that shares business-minded hacks to artists if you love what she has to say!


Over the past month, I worked on a theater project that involved some very established musical theater folk. This was a wonderful project on many levels, as the material, energy in the room, and overall excitement about the piece was terrifically high. I learned a ton working on this show, but one of the most important takeaways was one about personal standards. In this room, everyone expected, and therefore delivered, work of a very high caliber. Everyone’s standards were set very high, and this forced the entire creative team to strive for the same level of…

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