Learning to teach CCM vocal styles

The world of voice pedagogy has changed drastically in the last twenty years. Whereas in decades past the majority of teachers believed that there was only one way to teach all singers, regardless of style, we now know that contemporary singers need techniques that serve contemporary styles. Voice pedagogue Jeannette LoVetri has spent her entire professional career developing Somatic Voicework™ a technique that is specifically geared to the CCM (contemporary commercial music) singer. Over the past twelve years nearly one thousand teachers from around the world have come to Shenandoah University to learn more about this amazing technique and how to improve their teaching of musical theatre, pop, rock, and jazz singers.  If you haven’t been to the CCM Voice Pedagogy Institute yet, you should consider coming this summer. For more information visit the CCM Voice Pedagogy Institute and Somatic Voicework™ webpages. You can also watch the videos below to learn more about Jeanie and her work.







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