SETC: What questions should I ask?

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The SETC college auditions are this weekend and some parents are asking what they should be asking the schools. So here is a list to get you started.

  • Is it a BFA, BA, or BM degree?
  • How many productions do you do each year and what kind (plays, musicals, cabarets, dance concerts, etc.)? 
  • Do you emphasize any specific styles? (Shakespeare, Golden Age, Contemporary, Pop/Rock, etc.)
  • Do you have a cut system (aka Sophomore Slaughter)?
  • What kind of voice training will I receive and how often/long are the lessons?
  • Do you teach a specific acting technique?
  • What kind of dance training is included in the degree program? Are students put into classes based on their level or are all skill levels combined into one class? Are elective dance classes available?
  • Are students required to participate in choir?
  • Do students take music theory? Is it taught in the music department or the theatre department?
  • Do you offer on-camera training?
  • What kinds of master classes do you offer your students?
  • Is there any type of showcase opportunity for graduating seniors?

You also want to find out the following information that can usually be found online and/or in university brochures.

  • What is the minimum GPA and test score combination for admission into the university?
  • What kind of scholarships are available (academic and/or talent)?
  • How many undergrads are there on campus?
  • How many years do students have to live on campus? (Hint: off-campus housing is usually A LOT cheaper.)
  • What kind of campus activities are available outside of theatre?
  • What do students do for fun off-campus?
  • Where is the nearest airport/bus station/train station?
  • Do students need a car and/or can they have a car?
  • How big is the town/county?
  • What kind of athletic teams are on-campus? (If this matters to you)

To make things easier for you, I’ve put all of these questions together in a printable document you can download here! – Musical Theatre Program Questionnaire (Word Doc) Musical Theatre Program Questionnaire (PDF).

Thanks for reading and good luck!



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