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Putting together your Vocal Performance Resume

NOTE:  Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance resumes are slightly different.  There is a separate MT post in the MT category.

Your resume is your chance to show the faculty what you’ve been doing to prepare for a serious career in the performing arts.  There are a couple of general rules to follow:

1)  Don’t lie – REALLY!

2)  Don’t exaggerate!

3)  Be accurate.  Double check for spelling errors and make sure you have the correct title and name of each organization/company

4)  Don’t worry if its short – you’re young

What we are looking for

This varies and as in all other areas of this process, its not worth trying to figure out.  For example, if you come in and sing incredibly but have two items on your resume, we could easily be impressed and fascinated at how no one has noticed your talent until now.  If we have a chance to get you, we truly are the ones who discovered you.  On the other side, if you sing terribly but have an impressive resume, we could possibly think you had a bad day OR we could think your resume is made up or that the companies you performed with are Pay-To-Sing programs or other low level theaters.

So instead of trying to get it right, just put it down like it is.  We will read into it what we read into it and you can’t really control that except through diligent practice and preparation.  Remember, if the school is not a good fit, you really don’t want to be there anyways, no matter how great the reputation.  Use the resume below as a guideline.  To help you create your own, I’ve included a downloadable Word Document of the same resume that you can use to plug in your own info.

We’re really not interested in community service, grades, or any of other information traditional resumes contain.  Leave that info off of this document and include it on your academic application.  That’s where it really matters.

Sample Resume – Click here to view PDF

Sample Resume – Click here for an editable Word Document