Decision Time!!!!!

By now you should have heard from the schools you’ve applied to and you need to make a decision.  Stressful and exciting.  Go back and look over your notes from your school visits (you did do an audition journal right?!?!?) and mentally go back through the process.  If you had any concerns, write them down and start thinking of who you can contact to ask questions.  If you are down to two or three schools, visit them.  Don’t just stick to the prescribed visitation day schedule, break away from the group, meet current students, and ask lots of questions.  If the financial aid package at one school is the only thing holding you back – ask for what you need.  Public schools may not negotiate, but some private schools will.  All they can say is no, they cannot take away your offer.  

Good Luck and Congrats – you made it to decision time!!!



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