Should I let my kid get a BFA?

This is a common question; here’s the short answer.  Its increasingly becoming obvious that you cannot get a decent paying job without a bachelor degree, no matter what its in.  (For more on that topic check out this link).  Outside of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, English, and Mathematics) and health care in many ways a bachelor is a bachelor degree.  There are many great jobs out there for people with charismatic personalities.  There are also many careers that require a masters degree, for many of those degrees it does not matter what you majored in during your undergrad.  Right brained people bring a set of skills to the table that many left brained employees do not.  As computers increasingly become capable of replacing left brained tasks, employers will be seeking employees who can do tasks that computers cannot.  Courses that encourage creative thinking, public speaking, and other inter-personal skills will become more and more valuable in the new economy.

So if you are trying to decide between a BFA or a general liberal arts degree, I would go with the BFA any day.  If the choice is between a STEM subject or a BFA, the conversation and options are a little more difficult.  Just remember, many schools allow students to double major.



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  1. I’d argue that when deciding BFA or BA as the case may be, the advantages of a BFA over the BA (and vice versa) are not bearly as important as what the someday graduate of that degree will want to do with it (grad school, career choices, etc.).

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